Different Types of Gambling Games | Best Gambling Games for 2019

Online casinos are the in thing with many gamblers. Perhaps it’s because they are easily accessible or maybe it’s the wide range of different types of gambling games they avail.

Most casinos try to outshine each other with the different offers but a great casino is one with a variety of games to choose from. This article will focus on the slots games you should try for some great fun and big wins!

Different Types of Slots Machine Games

Three-Reel Slots

They are known as classic slots because the pioneers of slot games such as lucky 7’s featured this design. From the name, they use three turning wheels and usually have a low bets amount. Jackpots are not very big and may not be more than $1,000.

Five-Reel Slots

These types usually offer 10 to 50 paylines. This means there is a greater opportunity to win big. Payouts are higher due to a higher bet deposit requirement. These are popular at top casinos and players love them because of the fat bonuses and a good jackpot amount.

Seven-Reel Slots

These slots can be quite complicated. Although these machines are fairly new, players have the opportunity of activating more than 50 pay lines. As the trend continues, the higher the pay line number the more expensive they tend to be hence less popular than their other counterparts.

Nine-Reel Slots

These are even more hard to find at top casinos but they do exist, they allow wagerers to win offers in all directions both horizontally and diagonally. Symbols on these machines are not static, they can move from reel to reel.

Bonus Slots

Due to the constant rewards they offer gamblers, bonus slots have become popular. Let’s be real, would you consider touching a machine that offers no bonuses? Most would unanimously say no! Bonuses get triggered by wild symbols that appear anywhere and randomly. Everything depends on luck but the little probability is all that counts to unlock a great payout amount.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are mostly favoured because they come with a fat jackpot amount attached to them. You may find huge numbers of wagerers gambling on them because they want to try their luck on the jackpot. Since this money has accumulated over time, expect to walk away with nothing less than $50,000 and if luck is truly on your side, walk away with millions of dollars! However, the catch is that you need to be playing at maximum to enjoy the full benefits.

Before deciding on which slots machine is ideal for you, it can be wise to play the demo versions to test your skills before risking real money. Below are some of the most popular slot games with the best odds found at your favourite casino with their payout percentages:

  • Gonzo’s Quest - 96.00%
  • Cleopatra - 95.02%
  • Monopoly Slot - 95.02%
  • Mega Moolah - 88.12%
  • Starburst - 96.10%

Today gambling is among the most favorite ways to entertain yourself which attracts millions of people from different countries. These days lots of cities or even small towns have casinos and it is almost impossible to see bar without slot games or a couple of poker tables. People really are fond of wagering and winning real money prizes with such ease and fun as only casino gambling can offer. Gambling games are the easiest way to become rich relaying only on luck and have a good time socializing with other people. Such popularity of casino games, especially professional blackjack and poker, is the main reason of the growing number of online casinos that become more and more attractive for players due to their fantastic offers. We invite you to try out your gambling skills at the number of the finest online gambling portals that provide the best gambling services on the Internet!

Online casinos has become a new step in the development of gambling. Recently lots of the casinos have been closed down, as gambling became illegal in many countries. Online casinos in most states are completely legal, so if your place of residence is country or state where casinos are banned, you should play online! Besides, online casinos offer a lot of different attractive promotions, aimed to make you play there and become client of that particular casino, recommended online roulette games. You can get bonuses making deposits, they are usually “match” bonuses, which means that you will get some percentage of the sum you have deposited into your account. You can also get bonuses for making huge bets and deposits , this is called high roller bonus. If you have been playing at one and the same casino for extended period of time you can get bonus from the loyalty program. We recommend you to look through all the bonuses available at the casino where you play in order to get all of them, including regular weekly and month promotions! Do not forget that if you want to get the bonus, you should fulfill terms of its claiming!

If you need the information about gambling games we have all you require on online blackjack, roulette, slots and other popular gambling games. Only at TopGamblingGames.org you will find the best winning tips for professional gambling experience, details about the top online casinos, information on the premium gaming software from the world’s best providers as well as data on the casino certificates, all about the advantages of online gambling and non-download casinos! Gamble with us and win big!

# Casino US accepted Match Bonus Review
1. Online Vegas 300% $200 Review
2. Rushmore 300% $200 Review
3. Go Casino 300% $125 Review
4. Win Palace 250% $125 Review
5. Rome 150% €200 Review
6. Club USA 200% $600 Review
7. Las Vegas USA 200% $125 Review
8. Slots Plus USA 125% $700 Review
9. English Harbour 300% $777 Review
10. Sloto'Cash 125% $175 Review