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Casino Cheating Techniques

Most Common Gambling Cheats

There exist a number of easy and complex betting systems and strategies specially invented to beat the casino. To tell the truth most legal systems and methods failed and it turned out that it is possible to win huge amounts only using skills and tricks. Cheating is bad practice as most casinos watch their players and use numerous preventive measures to reveal the cheaters and prevent all illegal wins.

Among the most famous cheating methods used by gamblers is the cards blotting. All the cards in the deck used at the casino are clear and in order to distinguish some of the cards which can be very important at the game the cheaters prefer to make various marks on them. Obviously, the player is to do this so that not to be noticed. The simplest way to blot the cards is by bending or scratching them. Some cheaters may even daub the cards however these marks are very recognizable.

As for the special "skilled" systems, we should mention the cheating practice by exchanging the dealt cards with the ones which were hidden beforehand. This method really requires much skill because the gambler must move a card from table and take the hidden card, for example, from the pocket or sleeve, and not to be noticed. Some of the players can even pass the card to their partners at the table and in such way make the fake deal.

May be the easiest way to cheat is watching the other gambler's cards when you play blackjack or poker as the other players may reveal their cards for an instance. Yet it is not easy to spot the rank of the opponents' cards as most gamblers try to be careful and watch the cards only when it is needed.

In addition to poker or blackjack game, the gamblers try to cheat at other popular casino games, for instance slots, roulette, and craps. This is possible only by putting the additional chips on the table after the game results are known or using electronic devices that allow to change the outcome of the gameplay. In fact, all described methods don't work at the modern casinos as any illegal actions are easily noticed by the hole cameras. Moreover, when you visit Internet casino, it is impossible to cheat blackjack or slots software.

Moreover, some ground casinos violate the law and get used to cheat their players. It is not very difficult as the casino dealers can easily use different devices and are trained to do it without being spotted. In case you understand that something is wrong with the gameplay and you managed to spot the dealer cheating, the best tip is to quit such casino. The authorities are to revoke the license of the gambling establishments which use cheating methods against the players.

In any way, always remember that cheating is illegal and applying any cheating devices you are breaking the law. Follow the casino rules and never encourage cheating at the casino. To improve the odds use only legal and proven betting techniques.